Physicians Providing Treatment
to Prevent Mental Illness and Promote Recovery

The New Jersey Psychiatric Association is a professional organization of about 1,000 physicians qualified by training and experience in the treatment of mental illness.

Founded in 1935, NJPA is a District Branch of the American Psychiatric Association and is the official voice of organized psychiatry in New Jersey.


NJ Psychiatric Association & NJ Society of Addiction Medicine presents

Addictions 2016
Clinical Advances and Best Practices

TOPICS INCLUDE: Addictions in the Correctional System, Psychotherapy of Addictive Disorders, Opioid Agonist Therapy: The Duration Dilemma, Treating Addicted People in the Office Practice: Using Familiy and AA Support, Update on Alcohol

Saturday, October 15, 2016

7:45AM - 4:30PM

NJHA Conference & Event Center
760 Alexander Rd ~ Princeton, NJ

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Unsafe for New Jersey: Psychologists Pushing for Prescription Privileges
New Jersey Psychiatric Association is working to Protect New Jersey Patients. Visit for more information.

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Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students
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The New Jersey Psychiatric Association is the official voice of organized psychiatry in the State of New Jersey. More...


Si usted experimenta una o más de estas señales de aviso se recomienda que sea evaluado por un psiquiatra o médico de preferencia lo antes posible. Más...

A person displaying one of these signs should be evaluated by a psychiatrist or another physician as soon as possible.


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